Porsche’s future.

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VW has big plans for the sports car brand.
Most of them could end up diluting the original image.

-V6 version of the Panamera, and a Diesel for the European market
-New Cayenne in 2010
-Cayenne Hybrid in 2011
-Hybrid version of the Panamera in 2011
-New 911 (model 998) in 2012
-All new “smaller than Cayenne” SUV for 2013
-New Panamera coupe and convertible for 2013

They are also redesigning the Boxter/Cayman for next year.
An are looking at an even smaller and cheaper roadster.

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  1. the Porsche image needs some dilution. Things change. Time marches on. The origional Porsche look is way beyond out-of-date.

  2. Who needs/wants all these different Porsches? And what demand are they fulfilling? Hybrid sports cars? Gas guzzling, overpriced, unreliable mini-SUVs?

  3. I would like the performance car/sedan/SUV discussion to go beyond Mercedes, BMW and Audi. There is plenty of room for these types of Porsches. As long as they remain genuine performance vehicles and don't become the Pontiac of VW brands, Porsche will do really well. In general, VW has done an amazing job at keeping each brand distinct.

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