Subaru’s version of the new Toyota Coupe???

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This is an illustration sent to me by a reader.
Interesting, but it doesn’t match at all what we’ve seen before.
It seems that the Subaru version will have its own design.
Not just a different grille.

So for once, the actual car could turn out to be much more interesting than the illustrations we’ve seen of it.

What they need is something that looks like a coupe version of the new Hybrid Tourer Concept…

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  1. That would be hot if it came out like that, but that would be common sense and manufacturers dont seem to wanna please consumers lately !! Hey GM i dare u to build something like this off the kappa/soltice platform instead of just giving up on that small rear wheel drive architecture !
    Whoever brings a small rear driver out for 15k would have a major major seller on there hands !! F*CK the beancounters start pleasing the consumer !

  2. I'm glad to see this coming – if its AWD. Subaru is an interesting company thats made some good moves. What I would like is to see more of a family look in this 2dr…and across the lineup. Hopefully, they wont push it too far outside of what they do well… no one needs a 50k supercar from Japan. But a 30K really fun car will get a lot of attention. Get the hint? Honda and Toyota didnt.

  3. Perhaps the new STI? Subaru may have learned that sports people will not drive a performance grocery getter hatch/wagon Impreza

  4. this look exactly like the toyota version. the only difference b/w this and the ft86 is the badge, grille, fog light, and wheel. and only the grille is something you might not easily change or modified. i have no idea how some of you can "prefer" this over the toyota version, it's pretty much the same thing

  5. " i have no idea how some of you can "prefer" this over the toyota version, it's pretty much the same thing"

    Yes, they are pretty much identical. The front end is slightly different, and I prefer the front grille design of the Subaru. In truth, I don't ever see myself lusting after anything Toyota produces. So I am admitting that I'm biased.

  6. The car makes no sense if the Subaru is not AWD … and it makes no sense if Toyota does not sell their car here.

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