Tokyo Auto Show

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Watch the new CRZ and Toyota RWD Coupe concept as they’re…. well.. not really moving.
But the camera does.
It gives us more and better views of what’s to come.

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  1. Wow I didn't notice the "86" on the FT concept's name.
    I guess this will be the successor to the '80's AE86 Corolla coupes after all (you can thank the Initial D anime for that). I wonder if it will have a "Corolla" nameplate at all or it's own.

    That Mazda Kiyora concept in the video was pretty wild. It seems Mazda is coming out with more crazier looking concepts these days.

  2. "I like the Mazda Kiyora exterior design the best. The interior is a complete hot mess though."

    That's because this has the Nissan Z's roofline.

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