Toyota FT-86 Concept

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This looks to be the long awaited small RWD coupe from Toyota.
The one they are developing with Subaru.
The concept even uses a Subaru 2.0 Liter engine.

The design looks production ready to me. Except for the interior, especially the seats.
Let’s hope that next year’s production model ends up looking close to this.
The best Toyota design in years.

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  1. Definitely agree that this is one of their best designs in a VERY long time. Normally not a fan of anything Toyota styling wise, but this one, if produced, would seem to be a huge hit.

  2. Great looking car. It'll never see the light of day – but a great looking car.

    Now (work with me here)…Imagine if this was a 4 door – not as low to the ground; and had a more 'user friendly' interior – then they named is Camary. That would be a Toyota I'd own.

    Hell – this could be the coupe version!!

  3. Best Toyota design indead in years. I thought it was a Hyundaiuntil I saw the logo. But'm I'm not that impressed because the greenhouse reminds me of the Hyundai concept they showed 2 years ago.

  4. It would take a joint venture of two brands that make ugly vehicles to make something this nice…

    This should be the new "family face" of toyota…even if it looks a little like a Lexus.

    Lets hope they call it 'Celica'

    This is the best looking Toyota I've ever seen. This thing is AWESOME! I'm not sure how I feel about the engine. I would prefer a D.I. turbo 4cyl from Toyota myself. If they made one that is. Even the interior is nice. However, all that being said, I'll believe this thing makes it to production when I see it. Toyota needs new styling for most of it's cars, like yesterday. I think this will fit the bill nicely for starters.

  6. Looks ok but know it's length is only 4.16m. That's smaller than Scion tC (4.42m) and the last Toyota Celica…

    So about the size of the Audi TT.
    Certainly has a design mix of various other cars.

  7. Holy awesome design Batman, is toyota back ?? but im sure if they ever bring this out they will overprice it for its intended demographic ! I make 1k a week and there is now way id take on over 400 a month car payments in this shaky ass economy, and they expect 25 year olds to afford this ?
    To the naysayers that said the front is boring, i disagree , the front is simple pure elegance, that rear end is the best in years for toyota design, and it sure looks more lexus than toyota, and this looks much better than genesis coupe to me….

  8. my overall first impression was quite good…

    but then the C-pillar and the rockerpanel swoop bothered me a bit

    opened the large photos & the front started looking awkward – esp right under the outside of the headlites
    the trunk opening looks unnecessarily narrow

    re-reading the description;
    is this really that small?? (164" ovl) – sounded like a 2 seater (low sales) but the photos shows rear seatbacks — wonder if they bothered putting in seatbottoms?
    …excuse me: package shelves

  9. This has got to be the next Celica or tC. I think it'll sell better as a tC. I'd but one for my kid…he'd be pimpin.

  10. the rumored intended price for this thing is 2 million yen, or about 20,000 usd, and under the current 1 usd : 1.05 cdn excange rate the price of this car will probably get magically translated to 29,999 for the canadian market,

    anyway, it will be around the same price for the 4 cyl genesis coupe, maybe a tad more, that's about it, if they overprice this thing beyond that they are shooting themselves i nthe foot

  11. It has a Subaru flat four.

    Count me out.

    I hate, HATE Subaru four cylinder N/A and F/I engines. They are the roughest and produce more NVH than any vehicle I have ever driven. When you sit at a stoplight the entire vehicle shakes because of that stupid design.

    Like someone else mentioned above, I'd MUCH rather have the Genesis coupe. At least that is from an innovative car company that is going somewhere.

  12. "Anonymous said…
    The Nissan Z with a Toyota badge.

    October 7, 2009 2:33 PM"

    You are on crack.

    I see NO styling cues from the Z on this concept.

  13. "I see NO styling cues from the Z on this concept". It's ok Toyota fan I'll be fore brief. The A pillars are either from the Landrover, Kia Soul, the New Armanda. The roofline looks like the Nissan mixed with Hyundai Genesis. Is that better for you or do you still think Toyotas are orginal?

  14. I wonder if this will be the new Supra, or the next Celica, or the successor of the AE86 Corolla from the '80s (in which has gained popularity from Japanese anime).

    I'm looking forward to this car. ^_^

  15. "You are on crack.

    I see NO styling cues from the Z on this concept"

    You must be on crack if you don't see the Nissan Z's roof line on here. Just because the headlights don't look like the Z doesn't mean other elements weren'taken from the Z.

  16. "I dont see the Dodge Charger's taillights or prefacelift Galant's."

    I do only the cut in the tailigts are smaller and more stylish. But other than the Nissan Z's roofline it's pretty much it's own design.

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