US Fiesta VS. Euro Fiesta

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Looks like the whole bumper is new.
And the hood too…

So far, the US version (W/ black bumper) seems a bit more upscale.
I am sure this will make life very hard for the old Focus.
Until the all new Focus comes out about a year later…

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  1. Why are they screwing with it? The Euro version looks great-why do the American designers feel the need t get their grubby hands all over it? That fog light looks rediculously huge. Lame

  2. Ford had to make certain design changes to meet US Pedestrian Safety and Crash Standards, hence the modified front end, bumper and hood. Also, notice that the fog light design mirrors the shape of the original Verve concept. Great move Ford! This car is gonna look great in all forms, sedan and hatch!

  3. at first i thought the same.

    but i think its just the color.
    the fog lights on the black one are gaudy.

  4. Oh PLEASE Ford, don't water our version down.

    Ditch that ugly ass chrome fog light surround/garnish that you use on the Focus, it really cheapens up the vehicle.

  5. As long as there are actual fog lights and not just the fake design like the Taurus, it looks great. Wonder if the grill will be chrome or body color.

  6. I think they did their very best to keep the design as similar as possible while addressing the US specific issues. The US version dose have a more upscale, smarter look to it and kudos to them for putting part of the Verve concept back on, maybe that will make a percentage of the Euro population jealous for once.

  7. It's not bad I guess. But why do they always have to strip stuff off the American version. Count me in as another one of those people who like those amber tailights and the LED mirror signals, and they always yank those things off! At the very least, they could make it an option for those that like those features.

    I can see why they need to make bumper changes; those are required. But the others aren't. You'd have to have an expert eye to see differences between a Mazda 3, Mazda 5, etc, sold here and sold in Europe.

  8. Good job Ford. But this one still doesnt look better then a Ford Ka.
    I would like to see ford bringing in Ka to NA and making some good money. It will be a huge success here.

  9. I would have preferred it if they kept the same design concept. They should be able to do this even with pedestrian regs. Big dopy foglamps don't look as good as the sporty round ones. And the conventional bottom air vent doesn't look as good as the euro one.

  10. The American automobile industry always screws it's own country by giving the dumb Americans less for more money! The sad part is the fact that most consumers do not know the difference in this country!

  11. I don't mind the other changes… but those foglights… no thanks… I don't really care for U.S. version of those foglights, that look almost as large as the headlamps… or that stick out farther than the bumper.

    Maybe by the time they hit a mid-cycle refresh… and they fix those lighthouse-sized foglights… maybe then I would consider this vehicle.

  12. The front end on the silver/black one looks way too conventional. Why did they have to mess with the shut line for the hood? It looks much better when it when the front edge of the hood is directly on the top of the grille because it creates one less seam. Why are the fog lamps so big and overdesigned?

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