Volvo to go to the Chinese ?

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Apparently, the best bid Ford was able to get for Volvo is from Chinese car maker Geely.
I guess nobody else wants it.
Which is pretty shocking in the 1st place.

So Volvo might be the 1st European manufacturer to be own by a Chinese company.

What does this mean?
Will Geely cars get safer? Will Volvo cars end up being manufactured in China for cheaper?

What do you think???

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  1. Hey Vince,

    just wanted to point out that the first European manufacturer to be owned by Chinese was Rover/MG

  2. Beat me to it, scoop.

    Maybe if the Chinese know how to take engineering criticism, this could improve the breed over there. This would be the first Chinese cars to do nicely in crash tests.

  3. This will hurt their sales even further now in the US. Most people shopping for a premium brand would not consider cars from countries like China or India.

  4. I think one of the reasons no one else is interested is that there are very few avenues to finance the deal. I'm pretty sure Geely will have all they help they need from Chinese banks or they can just pay cash..

    If the deal goes through, it gives Geely access to a lot of Ford intellectual property. It also gives them the distribution network they've been wanting in the US. The main sticking point for Ford has been the intellectual property rights.

    IMO this is a mistake for Ford but it is one they can't avoid. Mullaly wants to eliminate cash burn and his reasons are financially sound. BUT, Volvo provides Ford with some great engineering work and that is something they're really going to need down the road.

  5. It means the new WORLD ORDER … and the Communist Chinese will be the next superpower. Chairman Mao is rolling laughing in his mausoleum.

    I guess my kids will be learning some inspirational Mao somgs and wear the red scarf.

  6. This is disgusting. My family has always driven Volvos. I think Ford is retarded for wanting to sell the Volvo because it's the only upscale brand they own. And I think Ford did a really good job in creating great cars and inconspicuously sharing platforms among the Ford, Volvo and Mazda brands. Frankly, I do look at the tags on the things I buy. And if I can get something that's not made in China, I will. The Chinese will ruin Volvo simply with the association. I don't think Ford should sell Volvo, but if they do, then it should be back to the Swedes.

  7. I guess its better in the hands of chinese.
    Lets accept everything these days is made in china, since from the moment you wake up in the morning and untill you go to bed 99% of the things that you use are all made in China..
    You know it…right
    China is best and China is the future, accept it or not.

  8. I have driven Volvos since I started buying cars. I am on my 6th and planned on staying brand loyal. However, if Ford sells Volvo go Geely, I will never buy another one. I will also never consider a Ford. Ford has benefited from Volvo and now they are willing to trash the brand…I find that completely disgusting. I hope that the union workers for Volvo and the Swedish government step in and block this from happening.

  9. LOL, Americans have given China the money, both by buying their cheaper products and borrowing trillions for our government. Now when they use the money we sent them or borrowed from them, people complain!!!

    Since they have not been very good at innovation, they are now using money to buy their way into markets. Oh well, so did Japan, Korea…….and just like those asian brands, this will succeed as well. People will want lest expensive Volvo's. Get use to it.

  10. A majority stake in Rover/MG was bought by another British firm, not a Chinese one.

    I'm sure the Swedish government won't allow a sale of Volvo if Geely intends to move production or operations to China. Sweden still prides itself on building cars.

  11. "Lets accept everything these days is made in china, since from the moment you wake up in the morning and untill you go to bed 99% of the things that you use are all made in China.."

    Yes, they make a lot of cheap disposable crap for people who love to hoard cheaply made stuff from Wal Mart. Things that are expected to last are not made in China.

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