VW’s new “US only” sedan

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VW has released another official sketch.
The one from a few months ago was some sort of a computer generated (and exaggerated) illustration.
This one looks like it was done by a 4 year old on a chalkboard.
What the Hell???

And just like the other illustration, it doesn’t really seem like an amazing car.
Nothing better than the current Passat or even close to the CC..

We’ll see…

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  1. If they expect this to start around $20,000, doesn't this mean they will have to lower the price of the Jetta? Btw, will there be a wagon version of this?

  2. VW has learned that American family drivers don't care for "amazing"…they want reliable and they want big enough for big kids. Why else are they purchasing so many of the past 12 years of Camcords? And why did Nissan eventually follow suit with the 02 Altima and find their way onto the short list? These middle of the road, inoffensive blandmobiles make consumers happy.

  3. Well I can tell you three things.

    1. It will STILL be overpriced.
    2. The reliability will STILL be terrible.
    3. The interior is going to be god awful at that price point. VW doesn't know how to make an inexpensive midsize.

    VW is trash.

  4. Vince, I agree w/ your comment about this etch-a-sketch monstrosity. Why release a sketch that's so poorly drawn and unrealistic? Show what the car will look like as a production model, none of these 22" wheels.

    And I'm thrilled that VW is opening a US factory and helping create lots of jobs, but I'm doubtful about the car's reliability, quality, or sales success.

  5. This "doodle" looks pretty good so far, but what's with the tiny wheels? I hope when the real car is made they put larger wheels on it;)

  6. I'll take an Accord EX with a manual, please.

    At least I know that vehicle would last me past 150,000 without a single problem and still be fun to drive and comfortable.

  7. Concept drawings usually look really exciting, but this one looks boring and dated already. It reminds me of a mid-nineties Accord. Maybe building it in the US will make it more reliable. I had a Rabbit made in Pennsylvania and it was a great car. The Passat I had was built in Germany and was a piece of scheisse.

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