What is this car???

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I know what it is.
Can you tell???

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  1. According to Wikipedia:

    The Simca 1307 was the name under which Chrysler Europe launched its new large family car in July 1975. A modern, front-wheel drive hatchback, it was one of the first such cars in that class, along with the Volkswagen Passat, and became the 1976 European Car of the Year. The model was sold under a variety of names, including Simca 1308 and 1309 models (with larger engines), Chrysler Alpine (name used for the Irish, UK and New Zealand markets), Chrysler 150 (Spanish market), Talbot 1510 / Talbot Alpine / Talbot 150 (a facelifted version launched by PSA after its takeover of Chrysler Europe) and Talbot Solara (the saloon version).


  2. An old Chrysler 150 or Chrysler Alpine.
    Made by the now defunct company Talbot. Thank god for that.
    These were not nice, i forgot they even existed. Its been at least 20 year since i saw one.

  3. My dad owned one of these. diabolically unreliable – it's weakspot was its Motorola electronic ignition – something of a rarity at that time. In town it was a chore, The heavy clutch combined truck-heavy, unassisted steering could bring a grown man to tears in stop-go traffic. But take it on a twisty country road and it became an absolutely joyful, delicious drive. Even with 5 people on board you could hit 100mph and all that was powering it was a puny little 1.6 liter engine. Wonderfully comfortable, as only a French car could be. Stable on country roads and with an uncanny ability to tame bad roads. We loved it as much as we disliked it.

  4. vw Passat 1974-1988 (1973 in deuchtland).

    He had many units sold in Brazil, in versions with 2 and 3 doors. It sold very well in Brazil, where he was the top of the VW until chegad of Santana.

  5. It's a Simca 1307 or 1308 and one version SX with a big engine of 1592 cm3. This car was in versions LS, S, GLS and SX. After the death of Simca, it's became a Talbot with the name 1510 and Solara for the sedan because the sedan's version was not on the road when it name was simca. It's engines were :
    1294 cm3 : 68 HP for LS and GLS
    1442 CM3 : 82 or 85 HP for GT
    1592 CM3 : 90 HP for Sx or Premium
    This car was on sale with a manual gerabox or an automatic gearbox
    In United States, you know it's "sister", the Plymouth or the Dodge Horizon wtih the big engine 1592 cm3 .
    This car was on fight with the Renault R16 ou R14 and with the Citroën GS or GSA.
    Today we don't find this but we can see it onthe road in the country or for our clash for clunkers….

  6. 1978 Simca 1307.

    From when Simca was owned by Chrysler. Before they sold it to Peugeot, who rebadged these cars as Talbot after redesigning the front end.

    The Horizon was also sold by Simca, but it was a smaller car than the 1307.
    No version of the 1302 was ever sold in the US.

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