What is this car ???

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I actually really like this.

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  1. the grill/headlights look Ford; but the rest says "GM". Either way, I like it. Clean, Sporty, and a touch of fomality.

  2. An early 1970ies Opel Commodore Coupe, maybe even the rare GSE version (though the wheels aint original)

  3. It's a Opel Rekord D in coupe version, produced between 1972 and 1977. In my opinion one of the niciest Opels.

  4. This is a 1971 to 1977 Opel Reckord D Coupe. The fairly similar Commodore had different trim and a six under the hood.

  5. That's much tougher than your last two. Is it an Opel Rekord or Holden Monaro? It looks a bit like both but don't think it's either which makes me think it might be another GM cousin of theirs.

  6. that's one of the large Opels from the early '70s. i'm not sure of the model name, Commodore? it is the big brother to what we were sent then, the 1900/Manta/Ascona. GM's euro cars were beautifully styled, weren't they?

  7. It also looks rather like a Ford Granada but it isn't one of those either.. And it's LHD so is unlikely to be a Holden or Aussie Ford.

  8. I think I was right first time – it's an Opel Rekord 1900 Coupe, or a badge-engineered incarnation of one.

  9. It is an Opel Rekord Coupe from the 70ies. Can also be an Opel Commodore Coupe. The top of the line with 6-cyl engines. Difficult to se from the angle the photo is taken. The Alu wheels are aftermarket wheels.

  10. Opel Commodore it is.

    I think this car looked at least as good as anything BMW was doing at the time.

  11. Another in a long line of handsome car Americans were screwed from getting.

    Safety in rollover and structural integrity, I know, but I miss the days when cars could have light and lithe rooflines. The first Acura Legend coupe had similar gracefulness to its greenhouse.

    It was nice when we could see out of a car instead of looking through gun slits.

  12. This is Ford Mustang.
    My father has one exactly like this. Let me know if you want me to email you the snaps.
    Lee Tow

  13. at least as good as anything BMW was doing TRY MUCH MUCH BETTER than ANYTHING BMW was doing. these were the days of the 2002 and the "5-series" with that screwy back-slanted trunk lid. BMW has gotten MUCH better, thank god; especially on the interior! GM was good then, still is: CTS, Malibu, Enclave, Escalade, Vette, G8/Holden, etc.etc.etc.

  14. TO: November 3, 2009 9:47 AM bankrupcy can occur when you put too much money into the product and leave too little for profit. THAT MAKES GM PRODUCT THE BEST VALUE THE AUTO INDUSTRY HAS EVER SEEN! (for the Consumer, not so much for the stockholder).

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