2010 Audi A8

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Here are some interior details of the all new A8.
Which by the way, for the 1st time will be available with a 4 cylinder turbo. In Europe only.

The interior we see her looks really nice, but also, just like any other Audis.
And from what we can see in the spy shots of the car, it’ll look pretty much like the current one.
Or like a big A6. Which itself looks like a big A4.. Etc….

The “one design fits all sizes” is king, once again…

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  1. Not as good looking as BMW 7 series interior.
    How much is it going to be anyways. I might buy one for just.

  2. it doesn't seem to be upscale enough for an 8. the current interior is drop-dead gorgeous, this, so far, isn't.

  3. YUK!!! Looks like an A6 … which has always looked a LOT CHEAPER than the current A8. I Love the current A8 & think it's worth every penny. The A4 & A6 are just cheap wanna-be's with adequite exterior design and fair-to-boring interiors… and in my opinion both are overpriced!

  4. a 4 cyl turbo in an A8? what is with Audi and that punky 2.0 4cyl ? It does not even get great gas mileage and not so much power compared with Japanese turbo 4s ???

  5. Reserving judgement. I don't care for the 7 series or the S class. So I'm hoping that The A will be better.

  6. remind me of the new Taurus–YEA RIGHT!: the difference being that THIS is UGLY & TARUS is GORGEOUS!
    BTW, I really think this is an A6 interior. Looks a LOT like the current A6 and WAY TO CHEAP looking to sell at A8 prices. Especially against 7, S, & CTS.

  7. I couldn't care less.

    The last time Audi made all of their vehicles look the same their sales were abysmal and no one cared about the A8.

    I think the interior looks outrageously boring, and what I have seen so far of the exterior it is a bore as well.

    The current A8 is far from being competitive and wasn't ever really class leading anyway. Audi is really going to have to step it up since Quattro doesn't really give this an edge anymore. S Class 4Matic, 7 Series with Xdrive, LS with AWD. They all have it now.

    Sign me up for a S Class with 4Matic if I were in the market. Forget the boring Audi.

  8. I think that the third photo is the new A8 interior and the first two are an update to the A5 interior with a large LCD between the gauges.

    I really don't think those first two are the A8…

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