2010 BMW 5 series GT in the street

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Still a bit odd looking. And I do like hatchbacks…

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  1. I love hatchbacks. I own a hatchback…..But this thing looks like a lard@$$. Reminds me of those Subaru Outback Sedans. MAN I hated those Outback Sedans.

  2. look at how huge it looks compared with the old Escort behind it. it's enormous! it probably weighs twice as much plus a bit more than that old Ford. and with today's traffic everywhere, the Escort will get you to your destination in exactly the same time as that 5000 lb POS.

  3. Audi is able to make an elegant A5 sportback/hatchback but alas not sold here.

    There seems to really be a comeback of liftbacks. But seems a dirty word so they call it sportbacks or GT, …

  4. so freaking ugly that I am shamed of driving one… Honda crosstour thought it is smart idea to just copycat this model.. .WRONG!!!!!

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