2010 Buck Excelle

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Finally some official photos of the Chinese Opel Astra.
The sedan version will come out later.

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  1. Okay.

    The only thing I don't care for design-wise is the A-pillar window design. It's certainly not a deal-breaker in any way, but I just don't think of premium hatchback when I see it.

    Give Buick a couple more years before you import something like this here. Hopefully, their current lineup (including the Regal) will see more sales to support adding a model like this.

  2. There is a convertible version of this in Europe, yes? I think GM would do better to start with that here. Develop some brand equity with cars that could be marketed as entry lux first. Get Buick into the mindspace of the younger customer before moving into other lower-end configurations like this. Unless it's an absolute rocket that leverages in the dna of the GNX, offering this right now would seem forced. I think this is very nice. But right now, Buick is on the edge, and they could tip toward failure or success depending on their next move.

  3. Europeans sure like that red & black combo. I've seen it before in top line Benzes, BMW's & Cadillacs (european version only).

  4. Why is GM acting like Chevy doesn't exist. This could have been a Chevy badge or Pontiac. I mean Buick this and buick that. What about Chevy?

  5. "I mean Buick this and buick that. What about Chevy?"

    Where have you been? Chevy gets the Cruze. This is for the Chinese market, where Buick sells very well as an upscale brand.

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