2010 Chery QQ

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The QQ is basically a copy of the Daewoo Matiz.
It has been out since 2003 and will get a new front end design for the 2010 model year.

GM tried to sue Chery over the design. They are so close that the doors are interchangeable!

Here is a picture of the current QQ

And here is a picture of the QQ after a crash test.
The usual scary result for a Chinese car.
Even though the Matiz itself has a very poor score, the Chinese copy still manages to do worse…

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  1. Imagine a head on collision where both vehicles were traveling at 40MPH.

    There would be NOTHING left of this piece of Chinese made crap.

  2. I'll bet the crashworthiness is the least of the problems with the Chinese car. It could very well be that the brake calipers are made of tin and the interior fabric is carcinogenic. I will buy a $150 Chinese made iPod. Because if it breaks in a year, no biggie. But I would never trust them to sell me a vehicle.

  3. Not bad for something that looks like a home appliance. I wonder what my dishwasher would look like at 40mph?

  4. 2010 Chery QQ now is a copy of Kia Morning. I don't fully understand Chinese mentality but they seem simply hilarious to me.

  5. I wander if the inset image in the crash photo indicate damage sensors in the crash dummies. If so, it looks to me like the driver would have a crushed skull and chest. But at least that all-important left shin would be ok.

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