2010 Fiat Doblo

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Usually, a small Fiat utility van wouldn’t be news for us.
But since Fiat now owns Chrysler, I cant help but wondering if this will end up over here.
We already have the European Ford Transit Connect.
So why not.

I guess it wouldn’t be a Chrysler, but maybe a Dodge.
Or a small new Ram truck.

So far, there is only one gas engine offered with just 95hp.
But they also have a diesel with 135hp.

I say “why not”. Chrysler needs all the help they can get…

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  1. The Size of a Transit Connect with the designs of the Mazda 5 and Kia Soul mixed together. This may be more useful than we think.

    Funny how Ford always directs the market….or at least got back to directing it.

  2. Well well, that looks much better than the previous Dobló. It's good news that that abortion is finally getting replaced with something that doesn't hurt the eyes

  3. If they play it right, this could be the contender to the Scion XB, where it was used for personal expression and small business transport. Accessories, Chrysler!

  4. Didn’t jeep make enough boxed cars because Chevy copied enough? I mean really! And fiat makes weird cars now and here’s my advice Fiat !!!!!!!DONT BUY CHRYSLER!!!!!!! Hummer made enough boxed trucks!!!

  5. The Italians immigrated to the USA so they wouldn't have to drive these stupid looking things…I read it in history books.

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