2010 Mitsubishi Outlander

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These are official pictures of the US version.
No surprises. Basically just a new front end.
No new engines…

The Outlander needs to get the same super sporty engine they use in the Lancer Ralliart I test drove last year.
This would make is so much more special.
It needs the same DSG transmission too, not the horrible CVT.

Then they need to design a smaller Eclipse. With that engine too.

As a matter of fact, they need to reconstruct themselves as a sport car manufacturer. Save money and use that great turbo engine in everything they make.
After that, they could redesign the Galant as a super sporty sedan. Something nobody else has.

Why not?

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  1. The white one looks like it got a big black box attached to the front end and looks unkept and unfinished ! its seems ok on the evo cause the grille aint way up in the air, this looks tacky ! the red one seems a little better..

  2. Wow Vince…you're right. Cuz otherwise, they're just another me-too cheaper alternative to Nissan/Honda/Toyota. Hasn't even Hyundai already trumped them?

  3. This brand has SO much potential to be the next Audi. I don't get why they are letting their vehicles rot to the core before they bring new stuff to the table. I think it's funny that although the rear end of the Outlander is identical to the previous version, it's reflective of the new front end now. Mitsu needs to spread the strategy and momentum from the Evo to the rest of the brand…comperable to what Subaru does, although that brand has more than one niche obviously. Mitsu has one niche and that's the Evo….the rest of the cars are pointless these days, even the eclipse is losing relevancy. You would think that in light of the new Camarostingesis (and Challenger too) that the Eclipse would fight back….1998 isn't going to save them in 2010.

  4. The interior of the outlander looks like it came right out of a 1980's Hyundai Excel and feels even cheaper to the touch! Sit it one and poke around abit before you sign on the dotted line and you will realise that as far as interiors go Mitsubishi is at the bottom of the food chain and let's face it, that's where you spend all of your time with your vehicle anyway!

  5. A nice upscale alternative to Rav4, Nitro, Patriot, CRV, Equinox, Escape, etc. Argueably better looking than any of them, at any price.

  6. I've rented a few of these and hated every single one.

    The six cylinder is crude and unrefined as well as thirsty, the fit and finish and materials used is a class below the competition, and the door closes with a tinny thunk.

    There is a reason why they have to offer so many features to even get anyones attention.

  7. 'Anonymous said…
    A nice upscale alternative to Rav4, Nitro, Patriot, CRV, Equinox, Escape, etc. Argueably better looking than any of them, at any price.

    November 10, 2009 5:35 AM"


    This makes the terrible fit and finish in the current RAV4 look like something in a Rolls Royce!!!!!

    Looks are subjective, cheif. Tactile sensations and quality are not. The Mitsubishi falls short.

  8. I honestly don't understand why ANYONE would buy a new Mitsubishi over a Hyundai or a Kia.

    Their dealer network sucks, their products are noncompetitive and stale, the quality is severly lacking, the reliability is not there, and the resale value is THE WORST out of the Japanese brands.

    I'd buy a Suzuki before I bought a Mitsubishi. At least they have some nice products, being the SX4 and the upcoming midsizer.

  9. If the Japanese Government treated Mitsu (& Suziki, & Izusu, etc) like the US Government treated GM & Chrysler; there would only be 1 Japanese Car Company today!

  10. I'll take a CR-V please.

    Mitsu's dealer network is terrible and so are their vehicles.

    I still think the CR-V is the class leader and most well rounded out of the bunch. I hate the new egg shaped Equinox and hate how it drives even more. It REFUSES to downshift, no wonder why it gets such great mileage figures.

  11. This front end is a nightmarish screaming face. I think it's pretty clear that Mitsubishi is going to be leaving us soon.

  12. Mitsubishi isn't leaving the U.S. market. What's "pretty clear" is the reality that some people are spreading baseless rumors that have been around for a long time now.

    By the way, the latest C.R. and J.D. Powers reports show that Mitsubishi vehicles are reliable. More so than many American and European brands.

    Some of you need to stop living in the make believe world and get your facts right.

  13. "Some of you need to stop living in the make believe world and get your facts right."

    So why is it that they only sold around 3000 units in October in the States?

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