2010 Volvo S60

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Looking really nice.
But I am not sure it will do better than the “old” S60 against the A4 or the Acura TL etc… At least in the US.
Volvos are mostly bought by people who… well, like Volvos.

We’ll see what they do about advertising their cars a bit better.
And letting people know about them.

More on this very soon.

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  1. I think it looks decent.

    It will definitely appeal to more people than the last generation S60. Would I buy it over an AWD TL? No.

    This past Saturday I was helping a guy who had a seven month old S40 who was broken down right in the middle of traffic. He said he has had nothing but problems with it and the car was still pretty much new.

  2. Okay.

    Brian may be on to something. That front overhang is a bit much, dontcha think?!

    I think it's a fairly handsome sedan, but I don't see people beating down the doors to get one…

  3. "deadringer for the Malibu" said by 'anonymous.

    are you effin kidding me? name ONE stylistic consistency with the 'Bu? i like both designs, but the Volvo has nothing at all in common with the Chevy.

    that being said, i think this new S60 is gorgeous, but with the specter of Volvo being sold to a Chinese company, i'm not sure styling matters. the brand will fail under their ownership. they have no idea how to market and sell cars to the 'west.'

  4. I fail to see why Volvo's impending sale to a Chinese company would hurt the brand's styling. You can't do much worse than boxy styling.

    Don't forget it was largely a Chinese team that crafted the 2010 Lacrosse, which is winning rave reviews for the design.

    Volvo needs a hungry young company to inject some new energy.

  5. Wow, so that's what GM did with the tooling for the Aurora. All they had to do was lengthen the front by a foot to fit the Volvo fascia.

  6. just thought I'd mention that the S60 is about the size of the 3 series

    & that I think it looks very good 🙂

    hope they re-do the C70, basing it on the S60
    & maybe be add a non-droptop coupe too 😀

  7. I use to buy Volvos, but, the reliability became too big of issue. There new style language is very nice, but, will they ever be able to compete with BMW/mercedes/audi….doubt it. Sweden is too small and Europeans tend to support their own.

  8. Ugh. I think Volvo made an enormous mistake to force themselves upmarket in the way Audi successfully did several years ago, except it isn't working for Volvo because they don't belong there. Safe and stoic worked just fine. I've also heard nothing but complaints from friends who owned s40s and s60's – loads of gremlins.

  9. "its a deadringer for the Chevy Malibu"

    "so that's what GM did with the tooling for the Aurora"

    Are you guys nuts, blind or stupid? With all the overregulation & impending CAFE uprenching in the US; there's a limit has to how many ways you can define a "C" size car to sell in the US. I think Volvo has done an excellent job of differentiating itself from the others. I hope they do the interior as well as the most recent "60" CUV — which has an "optional" interior that's nicer than ANY CUV at ANY price level. WAY TO GO VOLVO!!! Keep up the decent styling.

  10. Add me to the list of people who likes this…

    I really wish Ford would keep Volvo and HONESTLY try to improve the brand by refreshing all models and keeping them on a 5-6 year cycle compared to the 8+ that they have now.

  11. I've always loved the S60 and was anxious to buy one. But I decided to go with an audi S4 when the R series was discontinued. My mother loves her S40 T5 which she has had for four years. Aside from a quirky audio system that needs to be "rebooted" every year or so, the car has been flawless. So, with my help, she is looking closely at the upcoming S60 as a replacement. I really hope that Volvo isn't sold to the Chinese. I'll be done with them forever if that happens.

  12. 5:13 – Nope, not blind or stupid and only a little bit nuts. Put your hand over the front end and you have a dead ringer for the 2000-2003 Aurora. Sorry if you're too blind, stupid, or nuts to see it.

  13. I have to admit; Volvo is clearly the leader in "understated elegance" when it comes to interiors. The exterior is good too; distinct but not overtly gorgeous. But I guess that's what makes a Volvo a Volvo ( and not a Ford 500/Tarus)

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