2011 Audi A1

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This looks like a new A3 to me.
But again, it’s hard to tell an A4 from an A6…

The A1 will eventually be available as a 3 and 5 door hatchback, as well as a sedan.

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  1. I will go for a Sedan. I read somewhere that they will be bringing diesel in A1.2.3.4. Is that true? Does anybody has any news about that.

  2. A1 = Overpriced Polo or whatever crap VW model this is based off of.

    I'd take a A or B Class or a 1 Series over this any day.

  3. How ironic. Their tiniest, cheapest, least comfortable, ugliest econo-crap is called "A1" Ha HA HA Ha HA Ha ha Ha Ho Ho Ho He he he HE HA ha….oh! I'm getting sick.

  4. That's a sweet looking ride. I like that Audi is using the lower-end models to showcase a more aggressive styling. I like the front and rear fenders, and foglight sections. I bet it's not cheap, though. The "S" version should be pretty sick.

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