2011 BMW 5 Series???

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At first I thought the car behind the new 5 Series GT hatchback was the new 5 sedan.
But… It could be the current 7…

The fact that it’s hard to tell is a little sad…

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  1. hard to tell? you can clearly see the 7 series tail lamps and 7 series wheels.

    5 series is introduced on the 24th.

  2. If that's the 7-series… then the new 5-series GT is freaken huge!!! It completely dwarfs the 7-series greenhouse, wheels, tail-lamps, etc. And that's not because the car in the back is farther away from the camera.

    I still think it's the 7-series though.

  3. By the way, I went to look at the new GT and I was VERY impressed. Exterior is so-so but the interior is just breathtaking. This car is all about how you feel inside. So much space and so much comfort.

  4. It's definitely the 7-series. Not being able to see the long nose makes it seem shorter than it really is.

  5. There's a 5 series render (two of them) in the December Car and Driver. Check it out, I had a real hard time figuring out whether it was the real thing!

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