2011 Mazda 2

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First official picture of the US version.
So we are getting a 5 door hatchback.
We might be getting the sedan and 3 door later.
I am not sure how they will market it, without competing with its close cousin, the new Ford Fiesta.

I’ll be reporting about both cars in a couple of weeks, when I get to actually see them.

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  1. The Mazda2 is adorable. I saw these in Japan on a recent trip and so glad they are making it over here.

  2. Either way, the next Aveo loses. i wonder if the 2 will cost a little less than the Fiesta, it has less of a "premium" feel compared to the Fiesta.

  3. Ill take the mazda over the fiesta any day, it aint as frumpy looking and this is coming from a ford man !!

  4. The Mazda 2 is one of the best looking small cars in Europe, as is the Fiesta. The Mazda is a bit sleaker, lighter and shorter I think. But I guess Mazda doesn't care about competing with Ford, as Mazda isn't part of Ford anymore…

  5. For still ownes a reduced percentage of Mazda, so they are still part of them.. kind of like more distant cousins now.

  6. other than the 'ENOUGH-ALREADY" front wheel arches;
    the Mz2's fascia+grille+HOOD! are near the top of my favorites 🙂

    …kinda think the Fiesta is gonna be a good bit UPscale compared to the Mazda

  7. A lot of silly comments so: the Mazda2 is NOT related to the Ka at all. The Fiesta is "frumpy" someone said? Care to elaborate? Cause in Europe the Fiesta stands out as the best looking, sporty and sexier of all super minis and that is saying a lot since we get all of them here. The Mazda2 is really cute, especially with the right paint job and sporty wheels but indeed it does feel smaller, less sporty and less expensive than the superior (in every way) Fiesta. Either way this is a much better offering than the crappy GM model. Yet again GM is 10 years behind

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