2011 Mercedes CLS

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These are still, just illustrations.
But they do look really close to the spy shots we’ve seen so far of the car.

And I must say, it looks fine. I love the current model and think it should never be redesigned.
But if they have too, this isn’t bad.

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  1. I really hope make the rear end of this look like the E-Class. From some other spy shots I've seen, the tape over the tail lights don't match the shape of the e-class tail lights.

  2. Vince, you want to buy me one??? 😀

    I, too, think it is one of the most beautiful vehicles on the road.

  3. This looks like a chopped E coupe to me. Check out the spy shots of the new CLS, the tail lights are not continued on the trunk. Also, the rear door roof line drops too quickly.

  4. Curve over the rear wheels is odd. Looks like a Chinese copy of an entry-level Buick. I don't think MB would do it like this illustration. Too goofy / awkward.

  5. This isn't bad, true, but it's not an improvement either. As you said, the CLS is a car that simply doesn't need to be redesigned, at least for another ten years, methinks.

  6. "Anonymous said…
    It looks like balled up cookie dough, just starting to melt on the cooking sheet

    November 19, 2009 5:08 PM"

    Whatever, sexiest cookie dough I've ever seen.

    I'd eat it if that really were the case.

  7. Vince…They can only ruin the current CLS design…They should maybe just tweek the front and call it good.

    This looks awful…2nd photo.

  8. I wonder what it would look like if it were to be modified and customized by companies like BRABUS or RENNtech.

    It would probably look a lot nicer.

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