2011 Peugeot 408

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Just another illustration of the next Peugeot sedan.

I must say, Peugeot used to be pretty conservative looking. Then they became pretty modern, and later really modern .
But they seem now to be getting just weird….

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  1. The last thing this world needs is one more amorphous, generic, CamryCoboltSonotaLexusESAccordOptima thingy. At least the owner of this will be able to spot his ride in lot full of blan econo-generics.

  2. I like it ! Great dynamic lines. A bit of CC in the roof line, but everyone will soon have his own interpretation of it.

  3. I am still wondering in which direction the design of Peugeot will go?! Their small cars look pretty modern; saw a 207 CC some hours ago next to me on the streets and was impressed, because it looked so nice, finished and funky. But this?! If the 408 will end up looking like that, it will be Peugeots version of the Subaru Tribeca. Look at the front end. Horrible. I thought they wanted to look less cartoonish…

  4. It's not bad, I think it's an improvement on the 407, but I very much doubt that side air intake will be in the real car.

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