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The big sedan from Renault’s Korean unit is finally being redesigned.
The current model is based on the Japanese market Nissan Teana.
Quite a nice car. ( I actually saw one up close in Europe last year). But the Teana was the cousin to our previous generation Maxima. A car introduced in Japan in 2003…
The next one will be based on the current Renault laguna model. Except it will have a proper trunk instead of the Laguna’s hatchback.

As you can see on these pictures from Autoweek, it is a pretty nice looking car. Much nicer than it’s Renault cousin. (On the bottom pictures)

If the Penske/GM deal had happened, this could have been sold her as a large Saturn. Maybe replacing the current Aura.

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  1. It looks too much like they were trying to immitate the Lincoln MKS. Since the MKS is already out there for buying, this design would be rather irrelevant. Could a Renault worked over to resemble an MKS really pose any serious competition? Saturn needed fresh, unique cars, not more bad badge engineering. Penske didn't have the resources to design and make his own cars, so it's better to just let it go rather than drag out the inevitable.

  2. Come on… This thing looks bad. The trunk is plain ugly and the proportions are distorted.

    The Laguna is a really nice piece of design, even though I have to admit that it doesn't look as good in the photos.

    In person it is very sophisticated, with an impresive and very French presence.

  3. This is quite bland. I really don't see the point of these $hitty automakers offering their vehicles here if they can't produce something interesting. The quality and design of a Korean, French Renault and Nissan car… no thank you.

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