2011 VW Jetta?

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These illustrations seem pretty close to the spy shots that we’ve seen so far.
And just like the Golf, the Jetta won’t really be all new.
Just new front and rear and a revised interior.

I guess they figure it’ll be enough for the next few years.

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  1. Damn you Burlapp, I am getting a 2010 Jetta Wolfsburg in February and now that you have posted these photos I really wish that my lease ended in 2011 instead…BTW I love your site.

  2. the Jetta is being replaced by the 'New Midsize Sedan' being mfrd in the USA. is this supposed to be it?

  3. If the next model is just a reworked version of the current model, wouldn't they be keeping the same doors? This looks like the shape of the pre-2006 model with a new profile. This is much better than the current Jetta. But I can't pass up the opportunity to say that Volkswagens are crap and I would never buy another one. Sorry, just had to get that in.

  4. The new factory in the US of A will be making two new vehicles, the Passat-replacing NMS and the Jetta-replacing NCS. These are images of the the NCS. It is more than just a freshening of the MKV Jetta. In fact, the NCS will share no exterior panels with the MKV Jetta. FYI, the NMS will have a green house more like the old Passat (i.e. a side window behind the back door).

  5. Sigh….all VW had to do was make a scaled version of the CC and they would have had a winner w/ Jetta. Instead, they've played it safe and it shows.

  6. VW is crap.

    My GTI was crap.

    The dealer service was crap.

    The way their consumer relations at corporate treated me was crap.

    I'll never make that mistake again.

  7. The Jetta is one of the ugliest sedans on the road today. Bloated and with zero style. Seems VW is keeping this ugly tradition alive with this "new" Jetta

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