2011/12 US Ford Fiesta

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These are the 1st pictures of the US version of the Ford Fiesta.
You can see the sedan has a different grille. Which is OK.
The 3 door hatch might still appear later.

Here is a pic of the Euro version to compare.
I think Ford did a great job with the US model. Incorporating it better with the rest of their lineup.
Although the chrome on the side of the bumper might be a bit much, a bit too bright with some colors.

I will be reporting on the real thing next week from the Auto Show.

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  1. The 3 door and sedan are good looking cars but it really says something when the 5 door is the best looking of the bunch.. Ford has a homerun on their hands.

  2. WoW. Never in my life did I think the US version would actually look BETTER than the Euro counterpart. These actually make the Euro version look boring! They actually did a bit more than slap on a different grill like GM did with the Cruze. This almost feels like we get the better part of a mid-cycle refresh that really isn't.

  3. I didn't think I'd like the sedan, but I do. I prefer the European version of the hatchback. The hood's shut line on the domestic version doesn't look as clean.

  4. I love it!

    I hope, however, that Ford's clean european aesthetics at least make it unto Mercury. I also hope that they give both the sedan and the hatch better grills; they can keep the concept their going for on both but there are better, less-tacky ways to execute it then what I'm seeing here.

    It would also be nice if Ford could keep them priced between 11,000 – 18,000, or below the Focus. I want them small, but I want them affordable, like Toyota's Yaris/matrix.

  5. I absolutely love it!!!

    I can't wait for them to introduce the ST model. I'll have one in my garage as soon as they do…

  6. They need to ditch the chrome triangle thingies in the front bumper. Why did they get rid of the fog lamps?

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