2012 Beetle?

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VW has announced there will be a New “New Beetle” in 2 years.
I’ll just be known as the Beetle.

Let’s just hope it won’t really look like this illustration.
A Bug should always look like a Bug…

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  1. If VW wants to produce this go right ahead, just dont call it a bug ! it looks more like a watered down corrado/scirocco .

  2. I think it's safe to assume the next Beetle won't be that long legged. It still has to do sedan duty.

  3. I think VW need to think of the original concept of the Beetle.
    The Peoples car. Economical under 2000lb basic transportation.
    So today it would be a 1500cc diesel 5 seater. 65 mpg with wind up windows and basic seats.

  4. I've seen numerous sketches over the years and this is basically what I have seen. It's funny that this and the Rabbit, erm…GOLF are basically the same vehicle, but the beetle is usually thousands more, but somehow I see a 50/50 mix of both on the road.

    I for one will never trust a VW, or any brand where a clutch STICKS TO THE FLOOR.

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