2012 Ford Focus mule

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This is one of the weirdest test mules I’ve ever seen.
Based on the sedan version of the current Euro Focus.
It looks like they are testing a new more slated design for the windshield.
SI guess the next model will have a sleeker profile.

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  1. Nope, This is for the Big Americans who frequent drivetru windows at major food chains and just can't seem to fit their orders through the driver's side window. The windshield opens up to take in that supersized order!

  2. I have seen MUCH weirder mules.

    Did you ever see the VERY early Mercedes SLS or what was to be the Honda NSX mules? Those DEFINITELY take the cake for weird.

    Anyway, the ride height for this mule is pretty high. Are you 100% sure this is for the next Focus and not a Focus based crossover or the next Focus "Cross Country" or something like that?

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