2012 Mercedes A/B class

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Mercedes has announced that “at least one version” of the next A and B class will make it to the US.
This is pretty good news.
Which version we’ll get, who knows.
These illustrations above show what some of these might look like.

I bet we’ll just get a boring sedan with a trunk, and a small SUV>

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  1. B Class SUV might be a bit too small for here but really would be perfect for Europe.

    I'd love to see the "boring" sedan here, Vince.

  2. I don't know about any of these…
    back seats and cargo areas look cramped for any of these.

    I think these would only be a success if MB brings to the US the kind of innnovative engines they're using in Europe, so that you get much better mileage than the competitors' products.

  3. Might be best to steer clear in the US. Americans want Mercedes to be the long legged car they think $30K+ should buy.

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