Acura ZDX prices

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The “base” AWD model will start at a bit over $46 000.
That is almost a $7000 premium over the AWD model of its sedan cousin, the TL.

The technology package will add about $4000.
And the Advance package is another $6000.

Pretty crazy prices if you ask me.
With both packages we are talking about over $56 000.
I think everything should be included in the $46 000 base price if you ask me. And it still wouldn’t be cheap.

I don’t see the point of an Acura getting so expensive.

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  1. my assumption is that it is going directly after the X6. And I just read that thing is selling loaded (in hybrid or M form) in the mideighties.

    In any case, I dont know who in their right minf would buy any of these styled cars.

    I am a 5 year acura MDX owner – love my car, but so profoundly disappointed with acuras current styling language across the board. Honda too for that matter.

    I honestly believe Buick and Caddy are two of the best looking brands out there now (obviously referring to new product)

  2. the price range is 46xxx – 56xxx

    things you can buy within or around that range includes:

    audi s4, s5, s5 cabriolet Q7 (v6), A6 (supercharged and NA v6) both sedan and avant, TTS coupe/conv

    infiniti M (v6 v8, rwd, awd), FX 35 (fx50 at 58k)

    lexus gs 350, 450h, and 460, Is350C, RX450 awd, GX

    mercedes E 350 and 550 both coupe and sedan. ML 350/550, R350 (*c63 amg at 57k)

    bmw 528i up to 535i xdrive sedan/wagon, X5 all models. x6 35i, all models of 335i Xdrive plus convertible and M3 sedan

  3. This thing is based on the MDX not the TL so the price makes sense in their lineup. However, is anyone really ready to pay that much when you can get a BMW X6 for about the same.

  4. Vince, I agree with you on this. Just about every recent Acura and Honda has been hit with the ugly stick, and this car is no exception. This car would take a $20k price hit the moment you drove it off the lot.

    I think most people in the target audience have been scared by layoffs and stock portfolio declines, since they only have a few years til retirement (if they're not already retired).

    You can get very nice cars for half the price. In fact, many of the target buyers who don't lease their current cars will probably just hold on to what they own for a few more years.

  5. love it, looks fantastic and with hondas quality, should be a home run. I predict low production #'s and sell outs!

  6. I like Hondas and Acuras, but that ZDX thing is so ugly in that photo–maybe just an unflattering angle, but it's grotesque. That front end looks like an elephant seal's snout.

    Why buy an ugly car you can't see out of? Rear visibility is probably non-existent.

  7. While I really hope that "fastback luxo-crossover" isn't the next hot segment, is it really a crime for Acura to start a move upmarket? Though they could use more competitive cars, but still….

  8. I wouldn't buy this AMC Spirit "wanna be" if it were 16k. Mabey they're not really making them. If they jack up the price so high that NOBODY buys one, they can still use it as a sort of "halo" product and save the cost of building a factory!

  9. Acura needs to get expensive to differentiate themselves from Honda. But they actually need completely different products than Honda if they are going to charge such prices.

  10. I finally figured it out!!

    When Acura told the world that they are [were] going to become the equal of all other 'Tier 1' auto manufacturers – they meant on PRICE – and NOT on product.

    And that's $56,000 U.S. What the heck is that 'thing' going to cost in Canada?! YIKES!!

  11. Acura cannot compete with Lexus let alone BMW. BMW has the cache. I thought Honda CEO was talking about bringing 'down' the Acura brand by going semi-luxury a few weeks ago. Acura is better compete with Volvo.

  12. Unfortunately for Acura, and my eyes, that pic you have of it in silver and that front 3/4 view is the best. The rest of the car is a mess! Honda/Acura needs to get rid of their current designers pronto! From the Accord that has no decernable shape to speak of and they get worse from there! And that Crosstour? Vomit on wheels!

  13. Oh Well…you can live in a ZDX but you can't drive your house.

    –So you're going to (trade the house on this thing; and) LIVE in your Acura?

    EXPENSIVE! But is does look MUCH BETTER than the Accord CrossTour

    –so does a pile of rotting pig feces. That doesn't make this new Acura a good choice –for anyone.

    I think the niche Honda is after here; is folks with obscene piles of cash (Senators, Congressmen, etc) who have a retarded love child that wants a car. Still– that's a pretty small market!

  14. So ugly. Tell me why they keep this horrible design theme. A X6 before this anytime ! Reliable, yes, but it's not enough in the automobile world…

  15. Acura doesn't compete at Tier 1 or with Lexus for more reasons than just price. They have a severely limited product range; they've largely ignored their original mission of introducing the newest technology there first(it takes more than a Navi); they haven't kept a lot of their product line fresh (or have taken too long to do it)… these are all just poor marketing decisions. It takes more than a statement. And personally, I don't care about Tier1. If they were smart….

    * They'd make the RL what it was meant to be, and see what Lexus is doing right with the LS, then fully plan out the vehicle.

    * They should have a model smaller than the TSX.

    * They should have a sporty car (in the 40-50k range)… it doesnt need to be a Ferrari killer.

    * They should have a coupe available in the smaller car range.

    Enough with the same old s**t. And for gods sake, fix the TSX and TL's lower bumper so it looks like it fits on a modern car in this price range and matches the design.

    I love Acuras and own one. I even like the clean lines of the TL, and the power plenum. But like a lot of owners, I get ticked when I see such poor business choices. Honestly, the ZDX is a poorly executed and positioned model, just like the CrossTour.

  16. "Acura cannot compete with Lexus let alone BMW. BMW has the cache"

    And BMW has the monopoly on that?
    "Cache" is all in your own little mind.

  17. Honda/Acura as a brand, has begun their descent into atrophy. That is, they have become so largely successful they believe that the market will accept anything they produce.

    Based on the latest sales numbers, Acura's sales are off by more than 30 percent! The ZDX "mistake" will not stem the slipping and sliding sales that Acura will continue to suffer.

    This vehicle is what happens when a car maker like Honda is deceived by their "arrogance is excellence" mantra!

    The Pill

  18. This thing is unappealing at any price. Acura has proven that they don't understand anything beyond entry-level luxury. Considering this is more expensive than the forgettable RL, THIS is Acura's flagship. YIkes! At least it is slightly less stupid than the one BMW is selling.

  19. I think they share that front bumper with the Pontiac G6. But the little black smile in that massive aluminum grill is a bit creepy.

  20. It has gotten pretty good reviews so far from everyone who has driven it.

    Check out the Autoblog review, they say it comes with plenty of kit for its base price.

    I, for one, like it very much.

  21. "I, for one, like it very much."

    There are people who wear rubber Crocs and fanny packs.

    That doesn't make it right.

  22. "It has gotten pretty good reviews so far from everyone who has driven it.

    Check out the Autoblog review, they say it comes with plenty of kit for its base price. "

    when is the last time you read a car review of something above $30k that basically say they hated the car and wish all production of said car will be burned to the ground? don't get me wrong there are some down right POS car out there, but those are the car that you don't even need to go find and read a review to know that they are POS.

    there are basically 2 kinda car reviews nowadays, the kind where they love it, and another kind that where they like something and hate something about it. most of the current acura line up fall in the second category.

  23. There are people who wear rubber Crocs and fanny packs.

    That doesn't make it right.

    Nor does it make it wrong. Personally, I hate the looks of this car, but if someone likes it, fine.

    Honda/Acura styling has gone crazy. Their designs seem to have no mission or purpose other than to be unusual if not bizarre. If buyers like this, great, but many of us will still be scratching our heads wondering what the hell is Honda thinking.

  24. "Anonymous said…
    "I, for one, like it very much."

    There are people who wear rubber Crocs and fanny packs.

    That doesn't make it right.

    November 22, 2009 1:14 PM"

    I don't get it.

    The ZDX has gotten very good reviews so far.

    What is the big deal?

  25. I do question the taste of people who find this attractive. It resembles a TL that has over indulged on Burger King. Most appropriate for the suburbs I suppose, as the people in the suburbs love fast food.

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