Aston Martin Rapide

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New pictures of the new sedan.

Although I did like the Porsche Panamera in person, the Aston is already stunning in pictures.
But it will probably also be more than twice the price of the Porsche…

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  1. Looks beautiful, the Panamera looks like a piece of crap by comparison, especially the button-crazy interior.

  2. To say "Panamera looks like a piece of crap by comparison" is like saying Claudia Schaffer looks repulsive & disgusting compared to Christy Brinkly. I mean, GET REAL! They're BOTH so much better than ANYTHING ever built by Toyota, Mercedes, Honda, and half a dozen others, that it's absurd to say EITHER is less than excellent.

  3. It's a beautiful car and all. But for an Aston Marten, I hoped for more. I expect predictable and conventional from Mercedes and BMW. But I expect innovation and forward thinking design from an Aston. This was an opportunity for them to re-invent the luxury sedan. And they didn't do it. But it is vastly better than the Down Syndrome Panamera.

  4. What's up with the huge console in the back seat. Looks retarded. A back seat is supposed to be for hanky panky in a car like this.

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