Better pictures of the new Kia Costanza

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  1. Okay.

    I don't know why the name "Cadenza" sounds so odd to many of you. Maybe it's because I'm a musician…but it sounds fine to me…

  2. Dont't like the console and dashboard. Could be a good quality material, but it's a strange design.

    The seats seem confortables ans classy like the rest of the car.

  3. art vandelay: great username!

    i think this car looks really, really good. Peter Schreyer is doing excellent work at Kia.

  4. That is one ugly interior…
    I hate that "silvery" plastic, it fools no one.

    Better to have plain, tasteful, grey or black plastic, with a softer feel.

    And the front grille is hideous.

  5. just realized a second Seinfeld connection here… Kia Costanza. good one too!

    agree with the musician here too, Cadenza is not a weird name, but then i've played the piano for more than 40 years…

  6. This is exactly what they wanted this to be, a big, nice, Kia….something to give families that think the Amanti is a joke and the Optima is a bit too small. I can see it stealing Impala sales, but not Taurus sales….we'll see.

  7. Don't like the dash…Not enough class…The front end design is too big for the rest of the car.

    Lots better than that Amanti thingy.

  8. Looks to me that it has plenty of ground clearence but I think the ground would break the car first anyway.

  9. Looks better than the Amanti, the exterior looks inoffensive but I wouldn't call it striking, from dead ahead it reminds me more of what a refreshed Sebring would look like. The seats look like they could be very comfortable though.

  10. Vince the car's name is the Kia Cadenza not Costanza…but I like the design overall but am not a big fan of the line across the dash

  11. I'm not crazy about the steering wheel or the dash but the rest of the car is pretty freakin' nice. I like the exterior alot.

  12. Like many others, I'm not overly impressed with the dashboard work. It isn't BAD but it isn't outstanding either.

    However, this IS a Kia and the price is probably going to be very acceptable. Considering that the exterior is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, I think they have a great car here.

    I think it could make for a pretty good daily driver.

  13. "The center stack looks cheaper in silver than it did in the glossy black." -don't laugh; Toyota used BOTH glossy black AND silver paint on the latest TUNDRA dash — and THAT REALLY looks CHEAP! Of course KIA isn't old enough yet to make the REALLY dumb mistakes that GM & Toyota have become famous for.

  14. iQuack said…
    Looks like a poor man's Lexus. I like it.

    November 24, 2009 9:24 PM

    Are you poor? 🙂

  15. the exterior looks great but that interior (namely the dash) would be a deal breaker for me – looks to cheap. What happened to that great concept car interior?

  16. TO: Art Vandelay: And you want THIS to be my COMPANY CAR? I don't think so. Stick to Latex. I'll stick to Buicks.

  17. "TO: Art Vandelay: And you want THIS to be my COMPANY CAR? I don't think so. Stick to Latex. I'll stick to Buicks."

    What? Just because Art Vandelay gave his own personal opinion? What's wrong with that?
    Buicks are nice too. But I'll take this over the Lacross. I want my company car to have Panoramic Sunroof.

  18. Okay Vince, we get it; you don't like the name. Enough with the silly "Costanza" jokes already. It's getting old.

    This looks to be one heck of a great new product for Kia. I look forward to seeing one in the "metal". The only thing I would change about the exterior is the placement of the "Kia" badge on the front. An enlarged version of the "Kia" badge should be sitting proudly in the middle of the grille instead of insignificantly hiding on the hood. Otherwise, I think it looks great inside and out.

  19. To Anonymous: No, not poor at all. But here's a car that looks much like a Lexus and will cost far less, so a "poor man's Lexus" indeed.

  20. You don't have to be rich to buy any particular luxury brand, now take your self-important ego to Dubai or some other overvalued locale.

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