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Looks like the production version of the nice looking Business minivan will be toned down to quite a boring looking brick.

This is for the Chinese market only where it will replace the old GL8 model.

Let’s hope they don’t send this one over here. Ever….

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  1. I think this fits right into the Sienna-Odessey-Town&Country Club.

    I seriously think that Buick could market this in the US as the Lexus minivan that doesn't exist! As soon as that happens you bet Toyota will make one to compete.

  2. Okay.

    That CAN'T be a picture of the official production vehicle. It's missing the kink in the beltline, Vince! That should set off alarm bells in and of itself!

  3. This is obviously a CGI as all the spy shots show that the production version keeps the kink in the side window line.

  4. oh, that's really too bad. it looks like the soon-to-be-replaced Toyota Sienna from the side. i was hoping that dipped beltline might go on to become the next 'sweepspear' for the brand. the Opel Meriva has one also and has been rumored to perhaps become a Buick. i thought we were seeing history in the making, not just another conceptual tease. i don't see anything on the Buick concept that couldn't have been built the way it was.

  5. Looks to me all they did was take the dropped beltline off. Not bad. Not my type of vehicle but not sure why you're hateing on it so much Vince?

  6. The front end of this minivan looks quite good I think (elegant and imposing). However, from the base of the A pillar back you're quite right: it's as bland and boring as unflavored congee. It's a shame GM didn't draw more elements from the concept design … that downward sweep between the B and C pillars is quite distinctive.

  7. This isn't the real one because like mentioned above, the kink is left out. Although I agree that this should be brought here, it would make a nice alternative to the Enclave, which I also like.

  8. I know it's just a rendering, but I'm glad the jog in the beltline is gone. It's just too bad they changed the windshield rake and bloated the rear end. The concept looked like a Venza competitor. Now,, it's just another minivan.

  9. I've seen other pics of mules that indicate that the jag in beltline may survive; I'm not crazy about it, but it does give some character and some continuity with the beltline "dip" that Opel will have on the new Meriva.

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