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The MG 6 is basically a sportier hatchback version of the Roewe 550. One of the best looking Chinese cars.
Outside of China, the 550 is already available as an MG in Chile.

Nothing in Europe or the US yet.
Although reports are mentioning the car being sold in Europe as a Ssang Yong. Another brand owned by parent company SAIC…

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  1. The Chinese are coming. Doesn't matter how many other cars you may see in the design. The whole works, as is the case with a growing number of Chinese car designs.

  2. not a bad looking car at all. hopefully,the powertrain will be something fairly sporty to deserve the MG name.

  3. Let's play a game. I call it, spot the stolen design cues:

    I see…

    -Mazda 2 Headlights

    -Honda Civic Grill

    -Acura TL/Kia Optima front air dam

    -TL side profile

    -BMW 5 series rear end

    Lucky for them….it all somehow works! This salsa fits together well.

  4. Where does Chinese cars rank in quality?

    On a scale of 1 to 100; Honda,is 93.6; Buick 93.9; Toyota 92.4; Lexus 93.8; Chryser's worst is 92.3; The old AMC was 79.5; and China's best is 0.003 Get the picture?

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