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The 1st all new (Although based on the Roewe 550 sedan) MG model in about 14 years will be actually sold outside of China.
It seems that England would be the 1st foreign market for the car. Where the new MG might even be built about a year after its Chinese launch.
Will they ever sell it in the rest of Europe? Even the US???

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  1. Looks very nice. If they can back it with a good warranty and solid crash testing, then they'll do pretty well.

  2. "unsafe at any speed" I think China intends to takeover the European market by "killing off" the old Leyland/MG loyalists first. And I mean that LITERALLY.

  3. Yawn. I'm not interested in buying any Chinese car. And an MG that is styled like a bar of wet soap is not what I want to see. Where's the little sports car?

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