Mitsubishi X Cross?

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Not sure.

It kind of matches the official sketch from last week. (in grey)

But somehow it does seem a bit fake.
I guess we’ll see son enough.

Supposed to be powered by a 2.0 Liter engine.

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  1. Hey Vince, Is that you I see behind the driver's wheel of this new Jeep Compass/Pontiac Vibe lookalike?

  2. Seems to match the illustration…
    I actually like it. Let's hope the interior won't be a disappointment…

  3. Hardly a game-changer. And why so timid with that tiny window between the C and D pillars? Might as well just leave off that pathetic waste of resources.

  4. Just as Caliber gets cancelled, everybody is coming out with a Caliber wanabe. Just like the Pacifica crossover getting cut just after the Tarus Crossover & Mercedes R come out and Just before the Venza & Crosstour crossovers. Chrysler was always too far ahead of the game and Mitsubishi was always too late. Timing is EVERYTHING!

  5. love the Mitsus. they are unique and strong looking. very handsome. Legendary quality. Mitsubishi wins. BTW, i drive a honda for one more week till my new Mitsu arrives. I can't wait.

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