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Still looking good.
Although the sedan is really trying a bit too hard to please the American taste for more chrome.

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  1. Agreed, the grille on the sedan looks terrible as if it were an afterthought. I think Ford should have retained the foglamps and the projector beam headlamps. The hatchback looks fantastic. Loving the aggressive wheels and euro side-marker lights in the rear-view mirrors.

  2. The hatchback is a decent sized car too.. I parked next to one at a Seattle Costco.. impressive car and not much smaller than my Corolla. I'd consider it for sure.

  3. I'm annoyed they didn't at least keep the hatchback's lower-half the same as the euro-spec one.

    I can understand having that massive air opening reduced for the sedan because of the grill up top, but why do that on the hatch if your going to cover it with a body-color insert panel… lame! Ford should change it's name to Almost, because they never get anything right the first time around!

  4. That's a pretty stupid looking grill on the sedan. It's like they could'nt decide on a regular grill or chrome bars so they did both. Sometimes compromise ISN'T the way to go. Wake up Ford! You've got a great design here and then you slap this dumb-ass grill on it?!?!

  5. If any aftermarket producers are reading this please bring out an aftermarket grill for this thing immediately , that grill on the sedan is just horrific ! and those stupid looking chrome driving lites better be LEDs, or ill scream major fail on the usd conversion process. Also its a good thing a can of black spray paint only costs 3 bucks for them driving lites .

  6. There were European Fiesta hatchbacks on display on the Embarcadero in San Francisco a few months ago. I didn't drive one, but sat in it, and it was a VERY impressive car. Very comfortable and roomy inside with little exterior bulk.

    If you want a practical car that makes good sense for city driving, take a look at the Fiesta.

  7. One can forget about the 3-door here, because for some odd reason Americans swear by notchback sedans first and foremost. Hence it's to the expense of hatchbacks and coupes we could see here.

  8. I see black paint on the B & C pillars: No good, throw it away. Obviously cheap & unreliable just like Sebring & Honda.

  9. I think the hatchback looks really great. The different hood shut-line is necessary for low-speed impact standards that are higher in the U.S. I prefer the looks of the Euro version, but I didn't even notice until I looked at them next to each other. The sedan, well, I don't like the front at all. Large pieces of chrome look totally out of place on small cars. Instead of looking hi-end, it ends up looking like the cheap plastic that it is. The trim around the fog lamps should be body colored. Ford can sell aftermarket chrome if they want to have it so badly. Overall though, I think these cars are great and will sell really really well.

  10. Well almost unanimous, hatch is hot hot hot, and they didn't screw up the front of it. What were they thinking with the sedan?

  11. "Ford needs to please the fat Americans. Fat Americans love some chrome."

    So do thin Americans. I like the hatch version. The sedan looks okay too, but I don't like the front grille. The style of the alloy wheels are very nice.

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