More pictures of the new MG6

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Truly a good looking car.
This looks actually better than most compact offerings from Japan.

If the quality is there, it could work in Europe. I wonder if we’ll ever see this in the US….

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  1. I think it looks good. Styling is fairly original, though maybe a little derivative, but not a straight up copy.

    If they improved their safety standards, and offered the same long warranty protection as Hyundai, then they might have a good shot at getting into the US market.

  2. Why do they even bother to call it an MG? It's like some generic Asian appliance. I do like the copper color though.

  3. There's no need for MG to "improve" the safety standards on the MG6, as it's derived from the platform and underbody structure of the Rover 75, a car that was very nearly the first to score the full 5 stars in its EuroNCAP crash test. It was only the omission of side airbags as standard equipment that denied it the coveted 5th star.

    I'd imagine SAIC/NAC would insist on fitting side and curtain airbags as standard equipment for any export or UK manufactured version of the car, meaning that safety shouldn't be an issue of the slightest concern.

  4. i think it's quite good looking actually, and as original as most anything out there today. BUT i think it's important to remember, right now anyway, that the quality questions aren't just what level of plastics they use inside, or how often it will or won't break down. chinese cars have, so far, proven to be absolutely dreadful in crash tests. even the new 'improved' models in this blog ealier, were only improved to the point euro/US cars were 10 years ago. there are tons of variables in build quality, crash worthiness etc, they need to prove first. their styling, in general, is coming along nicely though.

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