Opel no longer for sale!

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Amazing turn of event.
In a meeting today, GM decided that Opel wasn’t for sale after all.
They are doing well enough to keep it in the family.

I think that’s pretty good news. It might mean more Opel models over here.
They will be able to built more “world models” using Opel platforms and designs.

Good news or bad news. What do you think?

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  1. I'm glad to hear it. Hopefully we'll see some more cars from Opel over here in the USA in addition to the Insignia (Buick Regal). This potential sale has been quite a seesaw type thing. I know GM had a problem with Magna getting some engineering secrets from them. Other issues too but that one stands out in my mind.

  2. good news. I think these modern bean-counters are pretty stupid when it comes to accurately assesing the VALUE of a Brand (& it's followers). In a business world (and political world) where EVERYTHING has ONLY a "short-term" value; keeping Opel is a refreshingly welcome nod to the realities of GM's (and America's) F U T U R E !!!

  3. It was planned this way from the start…Delay until they could get a wad of US taxpayer money to them. US GM cars are mostly Opel now.

  4. Who was really stupid enough to believe GM would sell Opel to a Russian bank including all intellectual property? In the short run it is bad for GM and the German auto workers. GM will have to pay back billions of loan to the German government and will close factories in Germany and Europe. They will get rid of highly qualified people they will never get back. It even may have a negative influence on quality of GM products. In the long run GM will make money and will get German engineering they badly need for smaller sized cars and for the VOLT in particular. And Magna? It won´t bother them too much – they are well in the business.

  5. When i found out the GM originally put opel up for sale i thought is was one of the most stupidest things GM ever done, so i for one am relieved that they decided to keep one of the best assests it has !

  6. these are terribly bad news; please do not think so "americocentric". opel is a german or european brand. and here in europe, for all those workers in the european plants, this are news that may not really help opel to survive, because their credibility goes down to zero!
    i don't know what those gm-management boards do really think: the government of US owns about 70 percent of gm. and the german cancellor angela merkel is just visiting the united states. this is not very sensitive to decide opel's fate just in these moments. i am very sorry.

  7. I think they realized that Opel or the European division of GM is the ONLY arm that can actually design and manufacture a QUALITY product that someone wants.

  8. Why is it a good news.
    Tell me somebody,

    Is Opel a profitablecompany? My anwere NO.
    Tell me a single best selling car model by Opel? My answere – Nothing

    Then tell me why everybody is cheering up and for what.

  9. Germans don't think so. I think they are calling for work stopages! Just what an auto company needs, people are nuts.

  10. It would have been curious if GM really sold Opel after the GM platforms share too much technology and knowledge (Buick-China, Opel and yet new Buick-USA).

    In germany/europe it was just a political reason before the german elections, that government-money was spoken – don´t forget that the former german-economy-minister even favored to let Opel go bancrupt.

    The fact is: The Opel Insignia will have no chance against the tuff competition of particular Volkswagen, Skoda, Ford and even Renault in one or two years (as always). The new Opel Astra is too big while offering only medium size inside compared to it´s competition…

    No matter who owns Opel, this car company has no chance against the competition in europe (and loosing market share nearly every year). And in China they face several upcoming interesting chinese competitors… don´t know enough about the US market if at least they have a possibility to survive there.

    Good luck Opel – I owned one until one year ago – but due to it`s quality level I sold it after 1.5 years only… sorry, but no Opel again for myself. Skoda is better in every aspect. No need to create Zombies – let Opel simple die and give some new breath to the much oversized european car industry!

  11. ALL GM cars in the USA are Opels now. there is no way GM would let Opel go…Especially to the competition/Russians.

  12. I don't really have an opinion, so pfft! But I do see GM sharing a ton of vehicles in the US with Opel. So if there is some sort of efficiency that can be created by using a more global vehicle process, then I guess it makes sense to keep them. I think Ford should keep Volvo as well. I'll be so pissed if they sell to the f-in Chinese.

  13. The only GM cars in the US that are not Opel-based are the Lucerne, DTS, and Impala…And Aveo. And STS. And CTS. And Avalanch. And Envoy. And Equinox. And Enclave. And Corvette. And Escalade (all 3 variations). And Sierria. And Colorado. And Denali. And Suburban. And XLR. And XLS. And traverse. And Silverado, And the new Volt. And probably others I can't remember… What's so great (or bad) about being Opel-Derived anyway???

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