What is this car???

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From the mid seventies…

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  1. That's just the original VW Polo.
    Maybe this is hard for Americans but for anyone familiar with European cars this one is far from obscure.

  2. It's either an Audi 50 or a 1st gen VW Polo. Badge engineering at work, because they were the same car.

  3. It's the Audi 50. It was also introduced as VW Polo mk1. They were identical, but i think this is the Audi, because of the chrome around the grill and on the side panels.

  4. A first generation Volkswagen Polo, or perhaps an Audi 50 (its clone). There's no logo in the photo so it can be both.

  5. … and the other choice is Audi 50, but the grill would have to be blanked out to not see the rings…

  6. Audi Fox in Australia. My mate had one a few years ago, and I had the original 76 VW Passat which came from it when VW bought Audi. Then the Golf followed, with a squarer look.

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