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  1. Boston Mike is right. Opel/Vauxhall Monza. Essentially the 2 door hatch version of the first generation Opel Senator – a beautiful car at a time when Opels were as sophisticated as Audis.

  2. Boston Mike is spot-on, it's either an Opel Monza or Vauxhall Monza, can't quite make out which badge this one bears

  3. It's an Opel Monza.We could find this car in the eighties. Two models with two engines L6 in 2.5L et 3.0L

  4. Its Opel. Vauxhall had a fussier badge around this time. A lovely V8 version of this was produced by a famous Australian tuner using a Holden V8 back in 1984. From the doors forward this was the first Commodore. The Australian developed the long nose variant to fit the big six and V8 engines they used, and it found its way back to Germany.

  5. might be easy to name, but it's always nice to see these cars again! i've got to do some research into who was behind these great looking Opels. i'm pretty sure Wayne Kady or Wayne Cherry from US GM was working for for Opel at that time. those cars were really, really attractively style, at a time when the US cars were bloating up beyond belief.

  6. Another fine example of GM's vast history of building GOOD-LOOKING, Quality Automobiles (this one is courtesy of the Opel/Vauxhall Divison). BTW: Take a good look, Honda: All you have to do to improve your styling & improve efficency is to Xerox a few GM products from 20+ years ago! — (Toyota: Ditto!)

  7. It´s a Monza A1. Yellow Indicators. Steerling Wheel Right so it´s an Vauxhall. Here in Germany it sported 8 engines (and at least 3 from tuners) from 115 (2 litre) to 180 (3 litre) PS.

    It was build 1978 – 1986.

    Ow, by the way, I own until today an Monza 3.0 Comfort from 1986.

  8. That was REALLY obscure! Yes, it's a Simca Bagheera.

    I thought it was a Fiat or Renault, but couldn't find a match. Also suspected Mitsubishi because it looks like the Plymouth Arrow from the mid '70s. Go here:

    This ducky didn't guess that one, but we ducks still have HUGE BRAINS. QUACK! QUACK!

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