10 000 Porsche Panameras

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They have already built 10 000 of the expensive Porsche sedan. In about 3 months!
They are eventually planning to build 20 000 a year.
That is a pretty big number for such a car.

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  1. I saw one yesterday – it's BIG! The front of the car seems very high and it also looked really long – all that and not much room inside. Rearward visibility seemed pretty useless.

  2. flooding the market, much?

    haven't seen one yet, but i'm sure it's quite desirable in person. i love fast, high-speed, 4 door luxury hatchbacks!

  3. Wrong Mike, this thing has an odd looking hump like rear roofline that makes it roomy inside.
    I dont like the Panamera's look, but when I sat in the back seat behind another 6 footer there was plenty of room.
    As for rear visibility you are right- its not so hot.

  4. From the c-pillar forward, it's beautiful. The interior is stunningly beautiful. The engine compartment, beautiful! The rear quarter, mmmmm, not completely sold on the rear end of this. But this car is so good in so many ways, that I think a lot of people are going to look past the unconventional ass end. If I had the means to drop 130k on a sedan right now, I'd consider it.

  5. That is a lot of wealthy people with bad taste! Seriously, I don't see the point of this car. If you are that wealthy, why not get a proper 2-door sports car and a luxury 4-door sedan? This thing is a fat, ugly compromise.

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