2009 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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  1. i'm sure i'll be in the minority on this, but the more Challengers i see on the roads, especially the ones with the retro striping, the more i think they need a vinyl roof! the car is SO retro, except for the fact it's supersized now, that back in the day, these cars would have seemed naked without a contrasting roof. the car looks too plain to me with the painted roof. i think it should be an option at least. who knows, it might even start a trend, although the Challenger is the only car i can say that has called out for this period touch to me.

  2. I see nothing attractive about that yellow Challenger pictured. For one thing, back in 1970 when the original Challenger was new, it was a decidedly mediocre car. This was NEVER any "classic" car.

    The new Challenger looks the same except that the new one is much bigger, heavier, and simply more bloated than the original.

    I sat in a Challenger at the S.F. Auto show last week and the car had lousy outward visibility as would be expected from its small windows and very thick posts.

    Why some people like this car so much is beyond me unless brute force, straight line speed is all that excites them.

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