2010 Audi A8 video

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I am sure it is a great car to drive, and a classy ride.

But the “we have created a new Art” comment is so obnoxious for a car that looks like a giant A4…

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  1. ooohhh…"Dynamism"…I like that one. I'll have to put that one in my vocabulary. I would'nt be so quick to call that front end "art" though. And although it is a good looking vehicle (except the front), it is esentially a giant A4.

  2. It is a fucking bloated A4.

    Created new art my ASS. This is the most boring executive vehicle that you can buy…

  3. The S5 and R8 are so amazing, that I was expecting something really wonderful for the new A8. But using a bazillion LEDs is not a meaningful or interesting advancement. There is no wow-factor anymore, and I'm actually very tired of the overdone look of this style of pixel lighting. I don't believe that the styling of the A4 will cut-it for the A8 the next five years. The flagship A8 should lead the new design direction of Audi, not mimic their cheapest sedan.

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