2010 Buick Lacrosse interior

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I must say, I was really impressed by the new Lacrosse.
It looks great in person, and the interior is fantastic. Every detail is done right, it is both original and classy.
As well as very modern looking.

Plus, the legroom in the back was really impressive.

I sat in the new Taurus a few minutes before, and was not that impressed. The Ford is a nice car, but the Buick seems far more upscale.

I hope this turns out to be a hit for Buick.

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  1. wha tsid you expect you kids are used to the foreign crap so oof course steppin in g in to a buick is amazing to you guys

  2. meh, look at all that hard plastic on the dash.

    At least the Lincoln MKZ has real wood; Buick only has that cheapo plastic crap.

  3. I wholeheartedly disagree, Vince.

    I found the Taurus to be much more upscale and a more "complete" package than this vehicle.

    "douchbag jones said…
    wha tsid you expect you kids are used to the foreign crap so oof course steppin in g in to a buick is amazing to you guys

    December 7, 2009 7:47 PM"

    This is a foreign car you idiot.

  4. I love this car. The thoughtful design and creative visual elements are brilliant. But what stands out to me in a bad way is the warped fish netting on the back seats and GM's ongoing commitment to fake woodgrain. Buick needs to aim for Bentley and Aston Martin levels of finishing in a car for $30-40k. Lexus benchmarks are too low-rent for a brand that wants to make it absolutely clear that they intend to own the luxury segment. This would be acceptable in a Hyundai, where expectations are low. But not for a brand that has been around for over 100 years and should know what they're doing. I know it seems nit-pickey, but the details are the only thing that matters when we get to this point. It's clearly a damn good car. But it'd better be a damn beacon that ups the ante within the luxury segment to do what it needs to do. And in that case, I'm not sure. At all.

  5. A week ago I spent time taking a close look at the 2010 LaCrosse.
    A 36K Lexus ES looks/feels weak next to LaCrosse. Other than seatback pockets, a 50K Lexus GS seems slightly downscale appearancewise compared to LaCrosse. ne1butu has a good point about Bentley/Aston level finish, however GM would only do that for Cadilllc.

  6. I would'nt mind slapping twin turbos on the 3.6l v6 version of the LaCross. It would give the new Taurus a run for its money and would be a nicer car.

  7. TO ne1butu: RE: "GM's ongoing commitment to fake woodgrain"

    If you like Real Genuine Wood, (and I do) you'll like the fake stuff too. The Chrysler 300 is available with Real Genuine Walnut. Ever hear Consumer Reports rave about the QUALITY of the wood? No. Nobody even knows the difference. Not even the so-called "experts".

    Some folks think the base Mercedes C & E class have Leather & Wood interiors– they don't. Even BMW has VINYL in the base model seats & door panels.

    If it LOOKS good — and these new Buicks DEFINITLY DO– then why cut the trees & kill the cows? All that REALLY does is jack up production costs.

    All for what?

    the "PERCEPTION" of Quality?

  8. Isn't ford more aimed at chevy? Buick is kinda inbetween land, not really Caddy but not Chevy either. Although Lincoln is suppose to be aimed at Caddy, my parents new MKX interiors is rough, much more chevy quality.

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