2010 Hyundai Tucson

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A pretty good year for Hyundai.
This looks like what the Rogue should have been.

I’ll be seeing all these cars for myself tomorrow.

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  1. Hyundai has made such an amazing turn around from crap to perfectly fine, reliable, competitive cars in several segments. This new Tucson is a continuation of their success.

    p.s. Vince, I'm borrowing a friend's computer and came across the link to your site. You rock!

  2. Reminds me of the big Buick SUV/crossover/whatever-the-f*ck-it-is.

    And that's a good thing since the Buick is quite handsome.

  3. I saw it live at the Frankfurt motorshow and, even though the design is good, I have to say the wheels looked disproportionately small. Thes pics don't show it, but when you see it, look at it from the side, see what you think

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