2010 Hyundai Tucson

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This looks so much better than the “old” one.
And the interior is one of the best in the segment.
I test drove the CRV and Rogue last year, and I can say, after sitting in the new Tucson this morning, that the Hyundai’s interior is vastly superior to both.Plus the Rogue looks like they launched it before the design was finished…

I haven’t driven the Tucson yet, but it couldn’t be much worse than the Rogue with it horrible CVT (Other Nissan CVTs are great, go figure), noisy engine when pushed and scary handling in turns.
There is nothing wrong with the way the CRV drives. It’s just so boring and I couldn’t wait for the test week to end.
My favorite so far is the CX7.

We’ll see how the new Tucson perform.

It keeps a 2.4 Liter engine with 176hp. No V6.
And gets EPA ratings of 23 mpg and 31 mpg highway.

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  1. i think they've gone to the head of the class in this genre, design-wise. this car is pretty much stunning, and by that i mean i'm actually stunned by it's appearance. the interior looks at least twice the price, at least in the 2-tone leather version we've seen in photos. the exterior is dynamic, fluid, cohesive. i've never wanted, or needed, a crossover. this new Tucson though, is really the definition of "tall hatchback" and has a totally up-to-date platform and drivetrain. i could see myself folding down the rear seats and loading in my art for my next show, without having to make sure everyone knew the vehicle was rented… good job, once again, for Hyundai/Kia. for those of us of a "certain age," it's like watching Toyota in the late '70s and early '80s, when they took control of the reigns and just introduced one winner after another, with exterior and interior styling second to none. whether they can stay at the top of their game for the next 25 years will be determined…. Toyota has certainly lost that je ne sais quoi in the past 15 years.

  2. The panoramic roof option made it across the pond!!!! (at least in Canada according according to their website). Yeah!

  3. Tuscon is very impresive, especially inside, but I'm a bit surprized by Vince's comments on the Rogue.

    It's based on the Qashqai, which is prazed for it's handling here in Europe. And it is said that it's wheel is one of the best regardless class. Is the Rogue THAT different in its setup?

  4. That interior looks to be a fine effort, and the exterior styling's been very well done too.

    I hope it drives as well as it looks.

  5. Vince I am in agreement with your comment on the new 2010 Tucson ix35. The interior quality is on par with a more upmarket level marquee.

    The styling both inside and out are superb. This reminds me of Hyundai's Veracruz, especially from the sides and rear.

    The powertrain offering is much improved and so is the fuel economy which was the biggest negative against the outgoing model.

    I'm almost certain Hyundai will offer the 2.0 turbo option which should boost the power to 200-208 hp. Interestingly enough, there is talk that 2011 will see the introduction of DI version of the 2.4 which should push horsepower up to 187.

    This will definitely give the CR-V a good run. Game on!

  6. It looks like a Buick Enclave from the sides, not a bad thing, and the interior is much improved also, my only issue with it is the front end, as with the new Sonata, it looks like it's melting. I'm all for styling, there have been way too many boring cars out there, but overwrought styling is not right either. Replace the snout on a Mid cycle enhancement and it would be a winner.

  7. I think it looks fantastic.

    I just hope they don't kill the driving experience like GM did with the Equinox/Terrain to acheive those mileage figures.

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