2011 Citroen C4?

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The top car is an illustration of what it could look like.
The other one is the current model.

I got a chance to ride (not drive) in a C4 a couple of years ago, and I was really impressed.
The car felt very nice and it really looked great. With quite a futuristic interior design.
Quite the opposite of the “ever popular in Europe” VW Golf.

I hope the next one looks even more modern, and better than this illustration.

In any case, this is something most of us will never get to see…

But Hey, how many Europeans get to see a Mustang, a Flex, a Challenger or a new Camaro….

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  1. Even five or six years of its initial debut, the C4 looks as stylish and futuristic as i looked, back when it was launched. I´m glad we have it here on the market, as I can´t stand to see any more VW Golfs on the streets.

    The pic above looks like a mergence of the new C3 (backlights) and an Audi A3. If it would come out like that, I would be so bored that both my legs would fall asleep instantly.

  2. I drove a C4 when I lived in Brussels Belgium in 07-08. I enjoyed driving it. Too bad we can't buy them in the U.S. If they did one would be in my driveway.

  3. btw in Germany are quite a few Mustangs driving around from grey market importers. I see at least one every week I guess. But we will probably never see the Flex here, that's true. I have read that the Camaro will be officially sold in Europe. I'm not sure, if they still plan to do it.

    In the US I would miss so many cars, that I'd have to stay here 🙂 I would miss Alfa Romeo, the Ford Ka and all the other cars too much.

  4. As much as Americans love to look down on French cars, they do some very interesting things with their designs. Guess we still have a bad taste in our mouths from the Renault-AMC Alliance.

  5. I like the design of the top car.
    Wish more automakers would build 5- doors(well, 3-doors would be of more interest, but it seems most makers are giving up on them)….like this one..instead of making them look suv-ish, or wagon-ish.

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