2011 Ford Explorer

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Caught somewhere in Detroit.
Notice the great driving skills of these guys, at the end…

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  1. I'm not a fan of those huge chrome bars on the front of Ford vehicles but so far it looks the best on this Explorer if the still photo at the end is accurate. Do you think it'll come with Firestones?:)

  2. Anonymous December 31 8:48AM said…
    It's a shame that Ford is giving their trucks the square shape.

    just judging from the videos, the Explorer won't be all that square – I believe they're coming closer to the concept than most think… maybe Better than the concept!

    Imho it's more a question how much of a 'truck' the unibody Explorer will manage to be.

  3. I honestly think I'll have one in my garage when it comes out.

    I have owned one of each generation Explorer since their inception.

    I had/have:

    1993 Eddie Bauer
    2000 Eddie Bauer
    2005 Eddie Bauer

    I love Explorers. Each and every one of them has run over 120,000 miles with not a single problem to report aside from a failed fuel pump on the 2000 at around 100K.

    I'm glad they are ditching the archaic 4.0 though.

    Vince, do you think you will be able to test one?

  4. I think I might be able to have access to one.
    Ford invited me to test the Flex when it came out, and also the Taurus.
    I couldn't make it to the Taurus launch but I am supposed to be getting one soon to drive.
    The Flex was excellent, I assume the new Explorer will be pretty nice, being based on the same platform.

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