2011 Ford Fiesta Interior

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I think this is the best interior in the class. At least in the US.
Good quality, and it looks fun.
And you can even get leather.

the only thing I would maybe miss is an armrest, at least on the automatic version. And in the tan/black interior, they could have use some of the tan on the door panels. Just a bit.
Top of the dash is nice and soft. (If a bit shiny)..

Overall I was very, very impressed.

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  1. it is strange there is no armrest which may turn off some buyers…also missing are seat back pockets…the steering wheel is not typical of Ford and looks more like Honda or Chevy.

  2. Vince, the Fiesta is getting universally awesome reviews.

    Autoblog called the leather "Lincoln-like" and Car and Driver praised its high quality materials.

    This is shaping up to be an awesome small car!

  3. Isnt the armrest for a Honda Fit also an optional accessory installed by the dealer? Maybe the same is true here.

  4. I have to say that Ford did a really good job and I'm really impressed. This is a car that's stylish enough to turn heads and look good in traffic, but not in a retarded way like a Scion or whatever that failed Nissan toaster is called. If the interior is as nice as it appears, this will appeal to a lot of people who can afford much more expensive cars. I have never ever been very complimentary to any domestic small. But this is nice.

  5. Vince, a quick question. I'm 6'1". There is a good chance that Ford won't have a Fiesta here( in Portland OR… they skip us every year) until next year, or, they won't have it on the floor, but instead, on a stupid podium where people can't get in and checkout the interior. How is the interior space? Could a 6'1 tall buyer sit comfortably? This wouldn't be an issue if I were still in SF or San Jose.

    I find the rear-seats of the new Mazda 3 a bit of a challenge, and my suspicions are the same for this fiesta.

  6. I am only 5'11 but I had no problem in the front seat. I am pretty sure you'd be fine.
    The rear seat (as you can see on the picture) was just OK.
    A taller person might have some problem. But I think it was maybe just a little bit roomier back there than the Mazda3.
    Overall I think the 3 might be roomier in general. And A lot more powerful.
    But more expensive too.

  7. I was at the Ford MY2010 fuel economy and quality press event and drove the Fiesta a good bit.

    I am 6 feet tall and 220 pounds and I fit perfectly fine. Even the EU spec seats fit my larger frame just fine and they were RIDICULOUSLY comfortable.

    Power was great for the small car and two other journalists riding along on the handling loop.


  8. They are showing up all over Atlanta on display and for test drives. This car looks even better in person and the ride is very impressive. This one is gonna be a huge hit for Ford.

  9. The first Focus was a great car too when it was launched. Hopefully they won't allow this to rot on the vine like they did the Focus

  10. it looks like an oldschool cell phone….. at least it doesnt have crappy plastic chrome like gm….. i still take honda fit, civic interiors over this.

  11. I sat in a Fiesta when it was on display at an event in S.F. on the Embarcadero a few months ago. Didn't have my license with me, so couldn't take the Ford person's invitation to drive it, but the Fiesta was VERY comfortable to sit in.

    I don't care for Fords, but I must say that the Fiesta I saw (European spec, I think) was a very impressive car–much better than most small cars, and a strong competitor to the Honda Fit which is the class act for such cars now.

    If gas prices move higher, expect lines to form at Ford dealers because the Fiesta is a winner for sure.

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