2011 Kia Sportage??

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I am not really sure.
In a way it does look like the real thing. But there is something odd about it. It looks so much like the new Sorento.
Plus, there is a small signature in front of a rear wheel.

Here is the 2010 Sorento.
Pretty close isn’t it…

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  1. I agree.. there's an awful lot of Mitsubishi Outlander in the back part of that.. so calling this a photoshop of an Outlander and Forte mix.

    I rented a 2008 or 9 Kia Sportage V6 for a week, and actually really liked it, aside from the not so great exterior styling. But it drove well and had good features, but I would have had to had a leather-wrapped steering wheel at least.. the plastic one was just not nice.

  2. well, since it's signed by the chopper, i don't see any BS here at all. it's either a chop of an Outlander with new Kia parts or something similar. as a fellow chopper, i don't do these things to 'fool' people but just to show what something might look like. if the chopper wanted people to think this was an actual product shot, s/he wouldn't have signed it.

  3. That's not the Sportage it's photo shopped. Look at the roof line in the front compared to the roofline on the Sportage on spy shots. The real sportage has the Kee's roofline from the front just like the next Optima on spy shots. The grille on the Sportage is different too. Plust the D pillars are not designed that way and it doesn't look like the Kia Kue like the next Sportage on spy shots looks like; it looks to much like an Outlander.

  4. If that shot isn't the real thing, it definitely isn't very far off. The squared back window, the side crease, and the nose have already been seen in spy shots.

  5. The one biggest dead giveaway that this is a chop is that it doesnt have the kink in the top of the winshield, like all the spy shots have also the sporatge grill will be alot lower and more curvacious .

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