2011 Mustang GT

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Celebrating the return of the 5.0 Liter V8
Now with over 410hp.

I guess people must have their V8, even when the new V6 already offers over 300hp…

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  1. FINALLY!!!!!! A good looking motor under the hood of a Ford. Most Ford motors look like an unruly tangle of wires and tubes. Excellent!

  2. If they didn't move up to a 400hp V8, why would anyone pay extra for the GT if the V6 version developed almost the same power for like $8k less?

    And yeah, I gotta have that car. Tasty V8. mmmmm

  3. Great power, but boring design with way long overhangs for a sports coupe. And what is the deal with these dorky tail lights. Let's hope the 2011 design improves on both….NOT!

  4. Finally a modern V8 out of Ford, eh? The current V8 engine looks like a mentally challenged girl put it together.

  5. People want low end torque for effortless acceleration unlike those Honda engines with lots of Horsepower but you have to wind them up to 4000 RPM before you can get them to move. Look at the torque curve of those outdated Honda VTEC engines…Laughable.

  6. Let's be honest –
    300+ hp for a stock 6 cyl Mustang
    400+ hp for the V8!!!!

    Is this a great time for Ford fans or what??? Truly amazing. Bravo.

  7. Most people use HP numbers when in fact torque curve makes all the difference. Unless you study science you will never comprehend the relation of Torque and HP.

    A "proper" engine would be a short-stroke V12 but the little people would bitch.

  8. I want 300 lb-ft at idle…I don't care if the engine sounds like a bag of rocks at 5000 RPM because with all that torque, I will never need to be there…Unlike those fartcanned Hondas.

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